Tj Walker


TJ Walker is now available for keynote speeches to remote convention and conference audiences around the world via Skype Satellite/Internet Technology. This is ideal for conferences that are already projecting speaking on I-Mags (Image Magnification) or projection screens. TJ speakers LIVE (not canned or pre-recorded) in front of audiences of any size and answers questions from audience members immediately following his speech. Any of TJ Walker’s keynote speeches can be done via Skype satellite.

Additional Benefits

  • Travel costs are reduced to $0.
  • Audience members get more direct contact with TJ. They get more of their questions answered with a Q&A, live internet chat room following the presentation, and TJ Walker will personally respond to their e-mails within 24 hours of the presentation.
  • Great option for last minute speaker cancellations.
  • Adaptable for the urgent needs of companies who require media or presentation training.

Technical Specifications

  • The conference site must be equipped with a high speed internet connection, computer, speakers, microphone, webcam, and LCD projector.
  • TJ Walker provides the following, T1 line for quick uploads, 3 HD cameras, 3 videographers, TV studio, director, and a 1-800 help desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a remote keynote speech work?
TJ’s remote keynote speech is delivered in the same high-energy, passionate, engaging, and interactive manner as his in-person presentations. He walks around, moves, and gestures freely while being captured by a professional three-camera studio that provides top-quality lighting, shot variety, and audio quality.

Why would someone want to deliver a speech via Skype?
From the standpoint of an audience member in a large or medium sized conference hall, there is very little difference in the experience of watching a speaker up on stage, in-person versus via satellite. In most cases, audience members are looking at a large video image of a speaker, not the speaker directly.

Isn’t this like a boring webcast?
No, webcasts are often boring because the speaker is sitting in a static position, is poorly lit, is being filmed with only one camera, and has poor audio quality, TJ’s remote access has none of these problems.

Is this less personal and less interactive for the audience?
Actually, TJ’s remote keynote ends up being more personal. Immediately after the keynote speech, TJ takes live questions from the audience for a period determined by the conference organizer, usually 15-25 minutes. Immediately after the keynote, TJ makes himself available for one hour to the audience in a live chat room on The Speaking Channel ( Additionally, TJ personally answers every single email question sent to him by audience members for the next 24 hours. This is possible, in part, because of all the savings associated with non-travel.

Isn’t this technically complicated? Will we need special equipment?
The technology is very simple. The host organization needs a high-speed internet connection, a computer with a webcam, speakers loud enough to be heard around the room, and one hand-held microphone.

What other bonuses do audience members receive?
Each audience member receives an electronic version of the #1 USA Today bestselling book, TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations, and a one-week, all-access pass to TJ Walker’s Online Presentation Training School.

It still sounds risky. Can’t technical problems still occur?
That is why the TJ Walker Speaking staff conducts a 15-minute rehearsal and sound check with the conference tech coordinator either the day before the event or the day of the event. This way we can do a dry run and go over all the technical details. Additionally, a TJ Walker staff member is available via an 800 number throughout the keynote speech.