TJ Walker Has Been Featured On

TJ Walker on CNN

During the last election, TJ weighs in on the debates between Barack Obama and John McCain. Watch as TJ analyzes the body language, comments, and demeanors of the two candidates.


TruTV - In Session

TruTV has speaking expert TJ Walker on "In Session" to discuss testimony


WNYW Fox 5 - Good Day New York

Communication expert TJ Walker is asked on Good Day New York his opinion about Eliot Spitzer's new TV show, and also the controversy surrounding Al Gore.


Guiness World Record:
73 radio interviews

TJ Walker and Jess Todtfeld break the Guiness World Record for most radio interviews in 24 hours. They later go on to complete 112 radio interviews that day.
  The TJ Walker Show ~ TJ's Daily show offering comments and insights on the broad topic of speaking.
Fox and Friends ~ Watch TJ on the country's number one morning show.
Bloomberg TV ~ See TJ speak about Media Training to a Small Business audience.
The Speaking Channel ~ TJ is a host that offers comments and advice on notable speeches.